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Beijing's emergence as a global city has given rise to some of China's boldest architecture and most innovative advertising. In Collage, Chinese Contemporary Gallery will show the works of four of Beijing's most prominent architects and advertisers, Ma Yongsong, Wang Yonggang, Yang Haihua and Zhou Rong. Ma Yongsong, best known for his design of the Absolute Tower in Mississauga, Canada, has created a rainbow for this exhibition. With this rainbow, he hopes to reunite urbanism, technology and human emotion. Wang Yonggang's work, New Taihu Stone, boldly redesigns the Taihu stone and addresses the ways in which modern architecture structurally redefines and reinvents traditional architectural forms. Yang Haihui takes a comical turn in his work, "Audio and Visual Aids." His performance will provide viewers with a self-administered audio-visual test in the form of plates flung like discuses against a concrete wall. Lastly, Zhou Rong playfully critiques the construction of and the motivation behind Beijing largest and most important urban landmarks in his works, Shang-Jing Banquet and Shang-Jing Sketch.