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Beijing Exhibitions>> Wu Junyong: The Sky Has A Mouth

Wu Junyong's animation DVD works are the most exciting creations to come from the younger generation of contemporary Chinese artists. The combination of image, sound and text combine to give a pulsating vision of newly rich, urban Chinese society. Just as the great contemporary painters of the previous generation of the Chinese avant garde captured the zeitgeist of China in the 1990s, Wu Junyong captures it of wealthy China in 2005/06.  

Wait Us Rich, 2005, the artist's first work available for acquisition by collectors, is a young man's take on nouveau riche society. The artist conveys that world's excesses, energy, brashness and power. The images that make up the DVD in themselves are sufficient to portray the desires of new money but the combination with music, voice and text quadruples the power of the message. Just as this newly wealthy society with its great capacity for acquisition is aggressively continuing to push forward, grow and succeed at the fastest possible rate, the multimedia nature of Wu Junyong's work is equally intense, resonating with rhythm, absolute conviction and energy. The animation images show
us what the new money wants and has. The audio and text accompaniment forces on us the determination that has made this new social class what it is and what it will continue to be - a unstoppable force. 

Wu Junyong's second work in this exhibition, Parade, is an adventure into digital surrealism. In a magical, mesmerizing continuum a character and its clones traverse the scene variously losing their faces in sudden glutinous drops, digging and cultivating the brain of a leviathan or simply bobbing along playing their drums. In contrast with the energy and rhythm of Wait Us Rich, Parade is a mysterious tour through the cyber bizarre. The accompanying sound track of drops and clicks further defines the electronic seed bed from which these creatures have emerged. 

For those still unconverted to video/DVD creations, Wu Junyong has also created a series of delicate colour drawings.