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For its Gallery Artists Spring Exhibition, Chinese Contemporary is pleased to show works by Chen Wenbo, Chang Qing, Jiang Jianqiang, Shi Guorui, Xue Song and Wu Junyong. With this exhibition, Chinese Contemporary highlights the work of established artists and the works of younger artists such Zhang Jianqiang and Wu Junyong. A broad spectrum of mediums provides an engaging perspective into contemporary Chinese art.

Chen Wenbo’s Combustible No. 12 is a classic example of his adaptation of common objects onto large, meticulously painted canvases. Chang Qing, in his first sculptural work, uses the contorted form of an Apache helicopter to discuss the ways in which destruction can, paradoxically, create beautiful things. Shi Guorui once again renders a bustling metropolis lifeless through his camera obscura technique. This time he has captured Hong Kong from the living room of a private home on the island.

Two works by Xue Song are exhibited – “Imagined Calligraphy” and “Stars” --, and both discuss the fusion of tradition and modernity within contemporary China.  Finally, stills from the Wu Junyong Opera video triptych remind us that politicians everywhere are performing on a ladder-like stage and will do and say anything to reach the pinnacle of political power. 





Chen Wenbo, Combustible No. 12 Shi Guorui, Hong Kong Xue Song, Imagined Calligraphy
Wu Junyong, Opera Wu Junyong, Opera Wu Junyong, Opera
Chang Qing, Airbus Wu Junyong, Opera
Zhang Jianqiang, Festering Flower Zhang Jianqiang, Festering Flower