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The cartoon trend among young Chinese artists was first recognised in creative circles in Guangzhou in the mid to late 1990s. The so called 'Cartoon Generation' consists of young artists, mostly in their twenties, using cartoon-like imagery in their paintings. The figures are simplified usually with selected body parts totally out of proportion to the rest.

The playful, cute characters of Han Yajuan’s canvases convey, according to the artist, the “wants and desires of every girl.”  They are often seen accompanied by small cows, which are a play upon the use of “cow” in Chinese slang to mean “girl,” as well as the material trappings of any urban “It” girl – the flashy car, designer sunglasses, beautiful clothing and overflowing shopping bags.  Han Yajuan’s heavily eye-shadowed, accessorisized girls have an endless appetite for things and their enthusiasm for consumption seems to spill over the canvas’ edges.