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Han Yajuan Solo Show

Chinese Contemporary New York is pleased to announce BLING BLING, featuring Han Yajuan's latest oil paintings. The artist's first solo show in the United States, BLING BLING will run February 7 - March 27, 2009. There will be a vernissage on February 7th, during which the artist will be present. A catalogue has been produced in conjunction with the exhibition.

Han Yajuan is from the latest generation of phenomenally talented artists to emerge from the contemporary Chinese art scene. Like her predecessors and teachers, those of the famous first generation of free artists post-Mao, she has exceptional capabilities She recognizes and identifies the zeitgeist of her generation and then transmits that through her art. She does this with flawless technical expertise and a delightful, infectious sense of humour.

Japanese animation and comics, Anime and Manga, are two important influences among the younger generation of contemporary Chinese artists. Han Yajuan borrows from the techniques of these art forms to get her message across. Han Yajuan comments on the newly empowered female consumer and the society in which she finds herself. Her females are not shrinking violets. These are young women who are in control of their lives and are having uninterrupted fun. As the artist says, the female of her paintings is an ideal. These modern females are fun, rich, cool and cute. Not only do they have everything but everyone likes them. They have such lovely sunny personalities and if anything is missing they can simply go out an buy it! They are from the generation that grew up in an era of economic boom with the attitude that anything is possible

Han Yajuan's females are marvelous caricatures of an ever-spreading urban reality. This type of female is visible all over China's cities. The intelligence and creativity of the artist shows in the great sense of make believe and fun emanating from her works and in her capacity to step back and present an amusing yet very palpable ideal.