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"I am always trying to observe myself through the leftovers on my plate, the records of my MSN chats, the strands of hair and flakes of skin on my sheets, my health card, my supermarket receipts, my nightly dreams etc. These things all prove that I exist and that I have been here. From these things, I can make conjectures about my complete self. Clearly, the root of this entirely stems from the fact that I care a lot about myself.

"Regardless of how far I go, I am always my own destination. Regardless of how much experience I gain, I am still the origin of me.

"I am fixed and can't be changed. I love and care about myself because I am the only me.

"Because I am just myself, I can only be myself.

"I like that my bottom teeth are not straight. I also like that my face is often pockmarked. I even like that I my stomach is often upset and that I am easily bruised because these things give my something to look forward to. They make me aware of my distinctiveness. They expose how I am different from other people.

"I always hope that I can make myself a little better, even just a little. Change a little here, add a little there. I am happy that I have this right and that other people can't change me. I also have no right to change other people.

"Everyday I put myself through a rigorous self-assessment; it seems like everyday I have to paint myself. If I don't, I might forget who I am. Every work reflects my mood and my thoughts at the time -- frightened, glamorous, inferior, lazy, paintings make sure I like myself better."

                                                  -- Wang Ke
                                                      May 2007